Sash Jammers – how can they make a difference?

They’re small. They’re inexpensive. Most importantly sash jammers are an added dimension when it comes to keeping your home secure.  And with a funky name, how can you not like the Sash Jammer?

sash jammer on a uPVC window which is open

What is a sash jammer?

The sash jammer is a small home security device which can be added to uPVC windows and doors. When attached, the handle can pivot and secure over the window or door frame. This can offer added resistance to deter any forced entry.

No substitute

It’s important to stress that these natty little things are only an additional security device and should never be considered as a ‘stand-alone’ form of security or your first line of home security defence.

This means making sure the multi-point mechanism and cylinder lock of your uPVC door is in good working order and of a high standard.

To show a kite-marked 3 star euro cylinder

Buying Time

Retailing at a little bit more than a tenner, a decent sash jammer may not guarantee preventing some lowlife breaking into your property, however it will mean a burglar has to work much harder…

…and will take him much longer to achieve his goal!

Time is always something which deters burglars.

sash jammer closed on uPVC patio doorAn open sash jammer on a uPVC patio door

So, if you’re considering taking steps to improve your home security, add some of these under-rated little heroes to your uPVC doors and windows.

The wonderful Sash Jammer!

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