Pick Me Locksmith Ltd an ERA Approved partner

Keeping Our Reputation Secure Since establishing Pick Me Locksmith Ltd back in 2015 we have aspired to be the best we can, with a company ethos that fosters high levels of service and integrity. We approached ERA earlier this year to apply to become an ERA Approved Partner. After being [...]

“Pick Me” an MLA Approved Company

The MLA is recognised as the authoritative body for locksmiths by the Police, Home Office, British Standards Institute and more. This is why I felt that Pick Me Locksmith Ltd should become an “Approved Company”. There is currently no legal requirement for locksmiths to be licenced like some other trades.  The network of MLA [...]

Pre-Holiday Security Checklist

We’ve pretty much all done it, ran around the house last minute, have you packed your passport? Have you got your swimwear? Have I cancelled the newspapers? Let’s go…only to find ten minutes down the road that niggling feeling…have I locked the door? Have I turned off the lights? Have I cancelled the milk? [...]

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